Critical Thinking Academy is founded with an intention of disseminating Critical thinking skills to executives in the corporate world, and students in educational institutions. Critical thinking is not natural to us. It is an acquired skill, and requires conscious and cognitive effort. Our System 1 thinking that's evolved over the centuries works on heuristics - short cuts to decisions. While this was necessary for survival in the earlier era's, instinctive and quick reactions and decisions are not productive in today's complex work environment. Intuitive thinking and acting often leads to serious logical errors, a simplistic approach and prone to severe errors due to fallacies and cognitive biases. Recruiters and universities recognize the need for students and employees to possess critical thinking skills, but these skills are becoming formal subjects in institutions only in the last three to four years. Application of critical thinking leads to many benefits in the workplace and in education. 


A.S.Prasad is a management graduate from IIMA (1981-83) and is a Trainer in critical thinking, Marketing Consultant and Guest faculty at IIM Indore and NIFT. 

He has over thirty years of Marketing and senior management experience across Industries. Since 2002 he has been into Business and Marketing consulting in the SME space. In 2013, he developed a course on Critical thinking and has been delivering workshops and training on critical thinking since then. 

He has developed the curriculum for a 40 hour course on Critical thinking for NIFT, Bangalore, and is also teaching the course there. At Amritha University he has been conducting a one day Critical Thinking training workshop for first year MBA students for the last six years. 

At JIPMER he conducted two one-day training workshops on Critical thinking for the Doctors and Research students. He has also conducted a two day Critical thinking training workshop for managers at BEL. 

For IIM Indore, he has developed a course on 'Digital Marketing in B2B' and also teaches the course


The other area of tremendous confusion is what constitutes critical thinking and if we are to learn critical thinking, what exactly do we learn. Here's a schematic that shows the elements that go into developing critical thinking skills.