What is Critical Thinking?

Critical Thinking skills are essential for good performance in academics and on the job. We are expected to develop these skills while learning our academic subjects. However the way our academics are structured, and the way we are tested, there is little room for a true development of Critical Thinking Skills. Students are largely expected to take the subject matter on authority, and rarely are they encouraged to question the basics and develop their own understanding of the subject. Rather, they are expected to follow the reasoning and logic of their textbooks. It is not surprising that students do not develop an ability to think logically and rationally about the world around them.

Critical thinking is best learnt as a separate subject. However Critical thinking is not taught as a separate course, excepting maybe in some post graduate courses on Philosophy, and in some Premier Business Management Schools. Even in Business Management schools, the focus of Critical thinking courses are on a critical analysis of business cases, and rarely do they take a holistic look at life independent of business.

 With this background, it was felt that Students and Business would benefit greatly from a formal introduction to Critical Thinking. The workshops we are planning on conducting are a step in this direction.

Long duration course or a workshop

Initially the thought was to deliver Critical Thinking skills as a long duration course of eight to twelve weeks, with two to four  hours of Instruction each week. However considering the academic and work pressure that students and professionals are, it was felt that a better option would be to impart the training over one or two day workshops, after breaking the content down into logical self contained modules. And so we have one day workshops to start with.


A.S.Prasad started the Critical Thinking Academy as an initiative of Stride Business Consulting. Stride is a Marketing consulting firm promoted in 2002 by Prasad. It focuses on Marketing consulting with a focus on leveraging Marketing for lead generation and Internet Marketing. Since 2002, Stride has worked with several companies in the SMB and SME space in formulation and execution of their lead generation and Internet Marketing strategies. Stride has also helped a large SI build two entirely new  lines of  businesses in Services - starting from concept to execution and generating business.

Prior to Stride, Prasad worked as the Managing Director of Software Spectrum (I) Ltd , a software trading company and as Head Marketing of Sterling Holiday Resorts (I) Ltd.

He has extensive experience in developing and delivering training. He has conceptualized and delivered several training programs in Sales, and also a stint as Visiting faculty at ICFAI. He has developed training programs on eCommerce , WAP and ITIL  and delivered them using Industry professionals.

Critical thinking is a requisite skill at work and in Academics. However patterns of reasoning are not taught formally in most professional courses employees go through. Prasad teaches Critical Thinking skills through a combination of presentations, discussions and case studies.

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/asprasad

Stride Business Consulting: http://stridebusiness.com