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Critical Thinking in B2B Sales

sales b2b critical thinkingIs the customer persuaded by logical reasoning, or by emotional persuasion? When it comes to B2C sales, it is a combination of emotive factors and logical reasoning. However in a B2B environment, the decisions are largely made based on logical reasoning. Weeding out superficial factors and other influences (such as pricing) to the decision making process, what will  persuade a Business to buy a product depends on: 1. How well the offering solves the problem or meets the requirement 2. The credibility of the organization making the offering. All Sales and Marketing teams recognize the need to persuade, and at an organizational level, they do build Product and company presentations, Sales collateral intended to persuade, Case studies and Client testimonials. In Enterprise level organizations, the Sales teams largely have Critical Thinking skills, and are able to leverage these effectively, and also meaningfully modify them depending on the need for that p......
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