Critical Thinking Basics for all - Instructor Led - Online - Free

The Critical Thinking Basics class introduces you to Critical Thinking and its elements. The class provides a quick overview of Critical Thinking. We introduce the concepts and vocabulary, and discuss some common fallacies. This is an Online Instructor Led class. It is FREE. Just sign up, and we will let you know the dates and classroom URL

The classes are Instructor led  in an online classroom. Typically these will be on Sundays between 11AM and 1PM.

Course Content

Introduction to Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking framework
Structure of Arguments
Arguments & Explanations
Types of Arguments
Some Fallacies


At the end of this class, you will understand the vocabulary and structure of Arguments. You will be able to identify strong and weak arguments. You will also be able to spot some common fallacies that we are subjected to day in and day out - at work, in politics and our own reasoning.


The classes will be interactive, but will be limited due to time constraints. There will also be very limited examples.

Who Should Attend?

Classes are open to anyone interested in Critical Thinking and they are Free.

Registration, Dates and Venue

Please sign-up for the classes, and we will let you know the Classroom URL, dates and timing by email.


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