Critical Thinking Essentials

This module is a crash course into the fundamentals of Critical Thinking. The modules cover most of the concepts we would need to apply in the workplace or an academic environment. The coverage is ambitious, and will be heavy on concepts

Topics that will be covered in the Course

Introduction to Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking framework
Structure of Arguments
Arguments & Explanations
Types of Arguments
Casual Explanations & Arguments
Inductive Arguments
Categorical Logic (Deductive Arguments)

Course format

We offer this course as a Classroom workshop as well as a Instructor led online course.

Ordering this course:

Business organizations and Educational Institutions can order this course for it to be conducted online or in their premises.

For Business Organizations, this is an ideal course during annual conferences,  product  launches and induction programs. This will also serve as a regular HR initiated training program, but for such programs, HR may also want to look at the full day Critical Thinking Foundation workshop.

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