Critical Thinking skills teach a variety of skills that can be applied to any situation in life that calls for reflection, analysis and planning.

At work

Increasingly more and more employers are looking not for employees with highly specialized academic skills, but those with good thinking and communication skills. Employees who learn quickly and can solve problems, think creatively, gather and analyze information meaningfully. These are the skills that a course in Critical Thinking attempts to impart.


Today one of the most important criteria for success in College is the ability to think independently while being logical at the same time. Often students are asked to present papers either on their subject matter or in liberal arts. Knowledge of Critical Thinking Skills enables students to not only outline their papers coherently with a logical structure, it also helps them reason and present their thoughts in an organized and persuasive manner

Higher Education Entrance Exams

All Entrance exams examine a students’ ability to think Critically. As a matter of fact, the analytical and verbal reasoning skills sections of the GRE exams are straight out exams founded on testing Critical Thinking skills. So is the Written Analysis and Communication test in the second phase of IIMA entrance exams. The skills developed in Critical Thinking directly help students do better even at the Mathematical reasoning tests.