Critical Thinking for GRE, GMAT, CAT

GRE and Critical Thinking

GMAT and Critical Thinking

CAT and Critical Thinking

Critical Reasoning , Critical Thinking,  Logical Reasoning, Analytical Thinking. They are all synonymous and mean the same

Critical Reasoning is another term for Critical Thinking. They both mean the same and are synonymous. Tests such GRE and GMAT tests have sections to test Critical Reasoning. It is quite correct to say that they are actually testing Critical Thinking. 


While GRE and GMAT use the phrase Critical Reasoning, the larger academic body calls it Critical Thinking. And it is widely accepted and understood as the current phrase in vogue. Over the last two decades the phrase "Critical Thinking' is widely accepted and understood as a discipline on its own. Why GRE, GMAT uses the lesser known phrase of Critical Reasoning is not known to this author.

Logical Reasoning: This phrase used in CAT admission test is again synonymous with Critical Thinking, and means absolutely the same.

Analytical Thinking is a phrase that was much in use in the early and late 1980's. IIM Ahmedabad had, and continues to have a course called 'Written Analysis and Communication'. The core of this course is evaluation of the arguments and evidence in case studies followed by presentation of your analysis in a structured written report. The course obviously focuses more on analysis - how to analyze. And what is taught here vis a vis analysis is synonymous with Critical Thinking.


Critical Thinking and GRE


Reading Comprehension Section - The skills that are tested

Nature of Questions/Test Skills required

understanding the meaning of individual words and sentences

English Language

understanding the meaning of paragraphs and larger bodies of text

English Language

distinguishing between minor and major points

Critical Thinking

summarizing a passage

Critical Thinking & Writing skills

drawing conclusions from the information provided

Critical Thinking

reasoning from incomplete data to infer missing information

Critical Thinking

understanding the structure of a text in terms of how the parts relate to one another

Critical Thinking

identifying the author's assumptions and perspective

Critical Thinking

analyzing a text and reaching conclusions about it

Critical Thinking

identifying strengths and weaknesses of a position

Critical Thinking

developing and considering alternative explanations

Critical Thinking & Creative Thinking

Analytical Writing

Issue Task

Critical Thinking, Writing Skills

Argument Task

Critical Thinking, Writing Skills

Verbal Section

Reading Comprehension

English Language skills

Critical reading question

Critical Thinking Skills


 Critical Thinking and GMAT


Nature of Question/Test Skills required

Analytical Writing Assessment -  Analysis of an Argument

Critical Thinking, Writing Skills

Integrated Reasoning - Multi-Source Reasoning

Critical Thinking

Reading Comprehension

Critical Thinking, English language skills

Critical Reasoning

Critical Thinking

Sentence Correction

English language skills, Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking and CAT

Nature of questions/Test Skills required

Logical Reasoning

Critical Thinking Skills

Written Analysis/Essay (2nd stage of admission)

Critical Thinking Skills, Writing skills

Personal Interview

Critical Thinking Skills, Communication Skills


Important Note:Critical Thinking skills are essential for these competitive exams. While our workshops will
delve deep into Critical Thinking Skills, they are not tailored to train specficially for these competitive exams.
Some examples may be from these exams, but the workshops are designed to deliver an overall understanding
of Critical Thinking. Attendees however will find that they are able to apply the concepts and skills learnt
directly to these exams. So do not expect to find the usual coaching type of class.

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