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Critical thinking for students 

Get better at problem solving,  decision making, written analysis, argumentative essays, group discussions, personal interviews,  persuasive arguments and presentations, Critical thinking sections of GRE, GMAT and more... 


Gives you the necessary foundation for GRE & GMAT


Critical thinking sections

Get the concepts and theoretical foundation required to answer questions on assumptions, strengthening and weakening of arguments etc.


Statement of Purpose (SOP)

A SOP Is essentially an argumentative essay that seeks to convince the reader of why you have chosen a particular course of study and why you should be selected for this course. Critical thinking concepts help you execute this very well.


Comprehension, language

An understanding of logical reasoning and related critical thinking concepts will help you easily grasp and follow the reasoning of any piece of writing.


Better writing skills

Better understanding leads to better communication. Concepts and knowledge of critical thinking will make you a superior communicator and help bring clarity to your thinking and writing.


Critical Thinking gives you career essential skills

Increasingly more and more employers are looking not for employees with highly specialized academic skills, but those with good thinking and communication skills. Employees who learn quickly and can solve problems, think creatively, gather and analyze information meaningfully. These are the skills that you learn in a workshop on Critical Thinking.

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Critical thinking helps you make better decisions

 As a student you have to make several decisions about which college to join, courses to take and what areas to specialize in. Going forward you need to take decisions on what career to opt for. These are not easy decisions. Critical thinking enables you to gather impartial information, evaluate it and take decisions based on solid logical reasoning. This process of evaluation and thinking through results in better decision making.


Critical Thinking Workshops for College students

College students irrespective of Arts, Science or Engineering stream will find this workshop useful. Critical thinking taught in this workshop is the theoretical foundation for answering critical thinking questions in several competitive exams such as GMAT and GRE. The argumentative essay structure and Critical thinking framework form the foundation for good written analysis and communication.

Benefits of Critical Thinking in education

Learn essential and advanced concepts of Critical Thinking. These skills will help you better understand and appreciate a range of academic subject. It will help in improving academic performance and research. These same skills will help you perform better in interviews and subsequently in the workplace.

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Make better reasoned decisions

Become skilled in making reasoned decisions with better outcomes.

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Develop your problem solving skills

Analyze complex problems with  ease using a Critical Thinking Framework

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Better Presentation skills

Prepare and deliver more persuasive presentations and Proposals.

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Persuasive communication

Become effective in Group Discussions and Personal Interviews by exercising Critical Thinking. Better written analysis and persuasive communication.

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Become immune to rhetoric

Understand rhetoric and recognize the  difference between good reasoning from  irrational appeals to emotion.

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Beware of fallacies and cognitive biases

Protect yourself from being blindsided by preconceieved notions and prejudices. Learn about logical fallacies and cognitive biases.

What you will learn in a Critical Thinking Workshop

Learn essential and advanced concepts of Critical Thinking. You will learn about real life application of critical thinking in the workplace with case studies and examples. The workshop  contents are designed to make a lasting impact on your critical thinking in the workplace..

You will also learn...

Written Analysis: The Workshop introduces a generic structure for Written analysis that can be adapted to any task requiring a Written Analysis..                                                                          

Developing Logically Persuasive Communications: Participants will learn to  apply their Critical Thinking Skills to develop logically persuasive communications..


Critical Thinking Framework

We introduce participants to a simple but powerful Critical Thinking Framework . It adapts itself to any situation that needs analysis. Frameworks aid systematic examination of any issue from different dimensions.


Learn how people reason

People use several different types of reasoning to arrive at a decision or conclusion in any situation. The workshop will introduce you to key patterns of reasoning: Deductive Reasoning, Formal Inductive Reasoning,. Informal Inductive Reasoning, Inductive Analogies and Causal reasoning ..


Learn how to evaluate reasoning

We are often presented with situations where we need to reason to a decision/conclusion, or we need to evaluate the reasoning presented by others in arriving at a decision or conclusion. We discuss how to build sound arguments and evaluate arguments presented by others.


Fallacies and Cognitive biases

Logical fallacies abound in our reasoning at the workplace, and not being aware of them can lead to errors in reasoning and wrong decisions.  All of us have some cognitive biases which can trip  the effectiveness of our critical thinking.  


Workshop contents

The workshop will cover some or all of the following (depending on workshop duration): Critical thinking framework, Reasoning patterns, evaluation of reasoning, Evaluating credibility, Rhetoric,  Top fallacies and cognitive biases, Clear thinking and writing, moral reasoning.  


Workshop formats

For the convenience of students, we offer critical thinking training in different formats :  (1) Foundation - A two hour introduction to critical thinking - Only Online (2) Interactive One day workshops - all the essentials with some case studies - Physical classroom (3) Highly interactive two day workshops with case studies and group activity - Classroom based


Critical Thinking workshops For Colleges Students

Please let us know your questions and which format of workshop you are interested in. We will get in touch with you with the workshop schedules. 

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