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I am a research student. This workshop is very useful in our field as we have to think critically , so that we can critically analyze our work.
Thanks for your newer approach in training
Posted By: Parvathy N
Thanks for such a nice session about Critical Thinking. No suggestions, just Best Wishes.
Posted By: Dr. Gopisankar M.G
The information on analysis was helpful
Posted By: Dr. Anusha N
- Some points on arguments and reasoning were very good
- The debates on case studies were productive
Posted By: Dr. Nilan T Jacob
Dear Sir,

We are thankful to you as this workshop will bring some transformation in our thinking
Posted By: Dr. Arun Chander Yadav
I learnt a lot during this workshop. It was an excellent workshop which discussed what is critical thinking and how to develop critical thinking and practice it in our life.

My perspective of looking any any problem has developed one more dimension. Your examples in the workshop were very easy to understand and all the aspects you explained could be well understood.

Thank you for all.
Posted By: Dr. Ashok Radhe
The workshop will help in future to change our thinking and reasoning, because most of the time we will do the thinking unconsciously without reasoning
Posted By: Dr. Kusa Kumar Shaha
We indeed did learn a lot. It did confront us with certain biases in the we think/judge certain people/situations. It also taught us to critically analyze situations before jumping to conclusions, based on the evidences and facts on a case to case basis.

Refreshing novel way to improve our analytical skills - thinking caps on -...Looking forward to more of these in the future.

Thanks for a great experience !
Posted By: Dr. Medha R
The workshop changed the usual way I used to analyze: by adding or making my thought process more structured. I do my critical thinking in more or less in the similar way, but this workshop made me aware of various aspects associated with critical thinking.

I would like to know if any other course materials online/offline will be available related to this topic,

Thank you
Posted By: Dr. Nivedita Nanda
It was interesting. Case studies discussed helped us to get better understanding of how to do critical thinking. Constant application of this would help in day-to-day life.
Posted By: Manjulakshmi P

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