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- whole night I was thinking about the cases you mailed us
- I asked my husband and mom for their views on those cases
- I found the sessions to be interesting
- Ya, I guess it would definitely change the way I think
Posted By: Unsigned Feedback, JIPMER
It was very good and it would have been still better if it included a few more practical exercises. Overall it was very useful.
Posted By: Dr. K. Ariyanachi, JIPMER
It definitely changed my way of thinking.
- Learnt about analyzing a problem from different perspectives based on facts/evidence
Posted By: Dr. Gayathri Pandurangan
The concept was good and useful for people in all walks of life, including Medicine. The principles are relevant and applicable in daily life situations. Critical thinking can make taking every decision easier and more logical.

It will be useful to introduce the concept in under-graduate curriculum
Posted By: Dr. Reena Gulati
Sir, it was a nice session overall. We learnt the steps involved and taken to make decisions
Posted By: Dr. Vikneswaran G, JIPMER
Morning sessions were pretty good especially evaluating and outweighing both positives and negatives of the particular scenarios based on concrete evidence rather than blindly following our own assumptions
Posted By: Surya Gopal SS
- Illustrations for explaining the concepts was very good
- Was really an interactive session
- Bit lengthy workshop
- Made us to think differently
Posted By: Dr. S. Vidhya Meena
- Learn about different ways of reasoning
- It will change my thinking to some extent.
Posted By: Dr. Shivanand Kattimani
- I was not aware of the process of thinking critically. After attending this workshop I gained some knowledge in this area.
- This may useful for me to make judgements or conclusions.
Posted By: Dr. Umamaheshwari S
I hope it will change the way I think and work. Will decide to read further.
Posted By: Murali Paduval

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