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It will help me to take critical decisions
Posted By: Dr. Archana
- Good exposure
- New concept
- It does change the way we think
Posted By: Dr. Sunil Jadhav, JIPMER
- it was very useful, and I learnt a lot
- we were introduced to a different way to think and reason about things, which will definitely be helpful.
- Excellent & Thank you
Posted By: Unsigned Feedback, JIPMER
This workshop will help me to stand up to others arguments easily, while today I am usually at the receiving end. Will also help better understand conversations (indirect) and meetings also better.
Posted By: Sunil Narayan, JIPMER
The workshop clarified some ambiguities we felt in our in thinking, but didn't have a vocabulary to express it. I now have adequate capability to process further and remove the ambiguity. Now I have a much clearer picture of my thinking process.

Also validated the interest I had in this previously (what people don't openly talk about. does not feel valid enough to discuss and use, might be a fallacy again :-)
Posted By: Unsigned Feedback, JIPMER
I did learn a lot in your workshop, especially discussion over the trial (case study) helped me to think differently. Appreciate your energy in engaging all of us for a full day.
Posted By: Unsigned Feedback, JIPMER
I liked the workshop. It was out of the box from my routine. I got introduced to many new concepts of critical thinking.
Posted By: Dr. Sivraaman G
The program was very interesting and provided new information. As it was interesting in its own way, application of this knowledge in our academic field is not yet very clear.,
Posted By: Dr. Surendran A, JIPMER
Overall it was an eye-opener
Posted By: Dr. Tamilarasu Kadhiravan, JIPMER
The workshop has helped me to look at situations and analyzing them in a systemic manner. The workshop has definitely helped me to critically think about my research projects that I plan to do.
Posted By: Dr. Pushpa, JIPMER

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