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1. The course lays the foundation to what is 'Critical Thinking'.
2. It gives me the confidence to handle complex issues where the critical thinking concepts come in hand
Suggestion: Maybe the contents could have been summarized and sent in advance before the course
Posted By: Krishna Kumar G
Thank you, for the interesting session. It would probably help me in formulating ideas for my research proposals.
Posted By: Dr. Laxmijha Chandrashekar
Came to know about the ways of arguments and types of fallacies which occur in my conversation. The way I think may not change too much, but a change is possible.
Posted By: Dr. Sree Rekha, JIPMER
I learnt a lot about new ways of looking at things. Would surely go back and read more on this.
Posted By: Puja Mehta
I have learnt a lot. It definitely has changed the way I see and perceive things. The session helped in making my judgements more logical.
Posted By: Jaya Vardhini Mantha
The session did indeed teach a lot about our way of thinking and how we have to consider many aspects while thinking or analyzing a topic or a scenario.
Posted By: Vishal Nikhil Nirupan
I learnt that the process of thinking and reaching a conclusion is not a simple task
Posted By: Sarath Kumar P. K
This session just enlightened the way we perceive things. Also gave me a very good opportunity to understand how we analyze situations based on the premises and claims. Often we come across the same and don't realize it. Excellent session, Great job Sir.
Posted By: Linith V
The training was good and it was entirely new and interesting.
Posted By: John K Varughese
I learnt a lot. It has changed my perception about many things. It will be most helpful in all my further interactions with people. I will be looking forward to any more sessions on Critical Thinking.
Posted By: Vusakh Shaji

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